Everyone teaches. Everyone learns.

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Atlanta Free School! We’re building a learning society where everyone can teach and everyone can learn. Our classrooms are where we live, work and play– around kitchen tables, under trees and in public spaces. We invite folks who are reclaiming their right and responsibility to take charge of their learning journeys to gather and nurture a community learning ecology. Just like the ecosystems we see in nature, the health of our learning ecology thrives on a diversity of resources–skills, ideas, passions– that are in dialogue with one another.

The monthly calendar is where it’s at if you want to know whats up. Published both in print and online, the calendar includes dates, times, locations, and contact information for all the classes hosted through AFS.

Our invitation to you is to re-think education as a means to learn only what you desire, acquire the skills you need to be the person you want to be, to be a co-creator of the community around you. Offer a class to share what you’re passionate about. Go to a class and find yourself a part of a living learning network.

Because education doesn’t end after graduation–in fact, it was never confined to a classroom in the first place. Ya dig?